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  • July 21, 2018
Song Details
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Thinking Of Linking
Written by Paul McCartney
Released on The Beatles Anthology DVD

Recording sessions

Friar Park Studios, Oxfordshire, England - June 1994


The song was written when Paul was 16 and was recorded in the jam session in 1994 with George and Ringo.

"Thinking Of Linking" was written after Paul had a flu. "I seem to remember writing it just after I'd had the flu. I remember standing in the parlour looking out through lace curtains of the window. It was about one of the first ones," he explained. "There was a commercial on the cinema for Link Furniture called Thinking Of Linking, when we went to the pictures."

The song was played in live during the pre-Beatles year from 1957 - 1959. In the jam session at George's Friar Park Studios during the reunion in 1994, they played this song along with two other songs ("Raunchy" and "Blue Moon Of Kentucky") with Paul and George on guitar and Ringo on drums.
The Beatles Studio