Let It Be... Naked
Let It Be... Naked


30 years ago, Phil Spector tidied up and produced Let It Be, by overdubbing orchestra on serveral songs or changing the songs' arrangement. In the absence of Paul's approval, Phil Spector was brought in to tidy up the recordings from the Get Back/Let It Be sessions, causing Paul's dislike over the finished product and suing the other Beatles to dissolve the Beatles partnership. Now, 30 years later, Let It Be... Naked was released under Paul's original idea on the Get Back/Let It Be project - as natural intended.

The initial edition comes with a bonus disc, Fly On The Wall, which contains dialogues and rehearsals of the Beatles at Twickenham Film Studios and Apple Studios, London during January 1969.

Three promotional videos were produced for this edition: "Get Back", "Don't Let Me Down" and "Two Of Us". "Get Back" is comprised with rehearsal footages at Twickenham and Apple. "Don't Let Me Down" is an amalgam of different takes of the song from the rooftop performance. "Two Of Us" is an official site exclusive. In the video, rehearsal footages of the Beatles are used over an animation background.

Release date

November 17, 2003

Label / Catalog number / Format

Apple [Parlophone] 595 4380 (12" and 7")


A Side
Get Back (Naked version)
Dig A Pony (Naked version)
For You Blue (Naked version)
The Long And Winding Road (Naked version)
Two Of Us (Naked version)
I've Got A Feeling (Naked version)
B Side
One After 909 (Naked version)
Don't Let Me Down (Naked version)
I Me Mine (Naked version)
Across The Universe (Naked version)
Let It Be (Naked version)
C Side
Fly On The Wall
Sun King
Don't Let Me Down
One After 909
Because I Know You Love Me So
Don't Pass Me By
Taking A Trip To Carolina
John's Piano Piece
Child Of Nature
Back In The U.S.S.R.
Every Little Thing
Don't Let Me Down
All Things Must Pass
D Side
Fly On The Wall
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
Paul's Piano Piece
Get Back
Two Of Us
Maggie Mae
Fancy My Chances With You
Can You Dig It?
Get Back
The Beatles Studio