The Dark Horse Years 1976 - 1992


The box-set contains all six re-mastered albums from his Dark Horse Records period, plus a bonus DVD, The Dark Horse Years (see the DVD cover below), containing music videos and live footage from the period.

The Dark Horse Years (DVD)

The release date in US is February 25, 2004, that is George's birthday.

Release date

March 1, 2004

Label / Catalog number / Format

Dark Horse/Parlophone GHBOX1/594 0852 (5 CD, 2 SACD and DVD)


Disc 1
Thirty Three And 1/3 (CD)
Woman Don't You Cry For Me
Dear One
Beautiful Girl
This Song
See Yourself
It's What You Value
True Love
Pure Smokey
Crackerbox Palace
Learning How To Love You
Tears Of The World
Disc 2
George Harrison (CD)
Love Comes To Everyone
Not Guilty
Here Comes The Moon
Soft Hearted Hana
Blow Away
Dark Sweet Lady
Your Love Is Forever
Soft Touch
If You Believe
Here Comes The Moon (demo)
Disc 3
Somewhere In England (CD)
Blood From A Clone
Unconsciousness Rules
Life Itself
All Those Years Ago
Baltimore Oriole
That Which I Have Lost
Writing's On The Wall
Hong Kong Blues
Save The World
Save The World (demo)
Disc 4
Gone Troppo (CD)
Wake Up My Love
That's The Way It Goes
I Really Love You
Gone Troppo
Mystical One
Unknown Delight
Baby Don't Run Away
Dream Away
Mystical One (demo)
Disc 5
Cloud Nine (CD)
Cloud Nine
That's What It Takes
Fish On The Sand
Just For Today
This Is Love
When We Was Fab
Devil's Radio
Someplace Else
Wreck Of The Hesperus
Breath Away From Heaven
Got My Mind Set On You
Shanghai Surprise
Zig Zag
Disc 6
Live In Japan (SACD)
I Want To Tell You (live)
Old Brown Shoe (live)
Taxman (live)
Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) (live)
If I Needed Someone (live)
Something (live)
What Is Life (live)
Dark Horse (live)
Piggies (live)
Got My Mind Set On You (live)
Disc 7
Live In Japan (SACD)
Cloud Nine (live)
Here Comes The Sun (live)
My Sweet Lord (live)
All Those Years Ago (live)
Cheer Down (live)
Devil's Radio (live)
Isn't It A Pity (live)
While My Guitar Gently Weeps (live)
Roll Over Beethoven (live)
Disc 8
The Dark Horse Years (DVD)
Menu (with "Here Comes The Moon")
Dark Horse Feature
Promo Videos
Intro to "This Song"
This Song
Intro to "Crackerbox Palace"
Crackerbox Palace
Intro to "Faster"
Intro to "Got My Mind Set On You"
Got My Mind Set On You (version 1)
Got My Mind Set On You (version 2)
Intro to "When We Was Fab"
When We Was Fab
Outro to "When We Was Fab"
Intro to "This Is Love"
This Is Love
Selections from Live In Japan
Intro to "Taxman (live in Japan)"
Taxman (live in Japan)
Intro to "Cloud 9 (live in Japan)"
Cloud 9 (live in Japan)
Intro to "Devil's Radio (live in Japan)"
Devil's Radio (live in Japan)
Intro to "Cheer Down (live in Japan)"
Cheer Down (live in Japan)
Selections from the movie Shanghai Surprise
Intro to "Shanghai Surprise"
Shanghai Surprise
Intro to "Someplace Else"
Someplace Else
Intro to "Hottest Gong In Town"
Hottest Gong In Town
Credits (with "Not Guilty")
The Beatles Studio