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Release date

November 7, 2005

Label / Catalog number / Format

Capitol -


I'm Losing You (Double Fantasy/Milk And Honey sessions, 1980) (short version) Working Class Hero (Plastic Ono Band sessions, 1970) (short version) God (Plastic Ono Band sessions, 1970) (short version) How Do You Sleep? (Imagine sessions, 1971) (short version) Imagine (take 1) (Imagine sessions, 1971) (short version) Baby Please Don't Go (Imagine sessions, 1971) (short version) Oh My Love (Imagine sessions, 1971) (short version) God Save Oz (guide vocal for Bill Elliot, 1971) I Found Out (home recording, 1970) (short version) Woman Is The Nigger Of The World (live at Madison Square Garden, 1972) (long version) "A Kiss Is Just A Kiss (As Time Goes By)" (vignette home recording) Be Bop A Lula (Rock'N'Roll NYC sessions, 1974) (short version) Medley: Rip It Up/Ready Teddy (Rock'N'Roll NYC sessions, 1974) (short version) What You Got (home recording, 1974) Nobody Loves You When You're Down And Out (Walls And Bridges sessions, 1974) (short version) I Don't Wanna Face It (Double Fantasy/Milk And Honey sessions, 1980) Real Love (home recording, 1980) (short version) Only You (John's guide vocal on the 16-track master for Ringo) Grow Old With Me (alternate version) Sean's "In The Sky" (vignette home recording, 1979) Serve Yourself (home recording, 1980) (short version)
The Beatles Studio