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I'm The Greatest (Anthology version)
[OK, OK! Shall we try another one? It's the intro that we're worst on now, a bit slow isn't it?


Yeah, do four of them on the tom tom's or something, about four. OK, shall we try it? OK boys, this is it! Hit it, hit it! 1,2,3,4!]

When I was a little boy
Way back home in Liverpool
My mama told me
I was great

Then when I was a teenager
I knew that I'd got something going
My baby told me
I was great

Now I'm a man
A woman took me by the hand
And she told me
I was great

I was the greatest show on earth
For what it was worth
And now I'm thirty-two
And all I want to do is Boogaloo, hey

Yeah I look at myself in the mirror
I see my wife and kids
And they tell me
You're great

Now let me introduce to you
The one and only Billy Shears
Ah she's thirty-two
And all she wants to do is Boogaloo, hey

Hey hey hey
Hear them say
My mama told me
I was great

[Let's go again, go straight from the top. OK, oh that's OK. Bang da da. 2,3,4!]


John Lennon

Lead vocalist(s)

John Lennon

The Beatles Studio