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Isolation (Anthology version)

I don't expect you

[That was a goon up, sorry.

That's a shame!

Yeah. It was.

It was nice.


It was just going very well.

I know!

Maybe we can cut them together.

Yeah, that was very good, wasn't it?

Remember that line.

Yeah, remember those bits, we'll keep them! What went wrong?

Yeah, I didn't come in with you, it's my fault!

Oh, well alright, that's fine as long as I know what happened!]

People say we got it made
Don't they know we're so afraid?

We're afraid to be alone
Everybody got to have a home

Just a boy and a little girl
Trying to change the whole wide world

The world is just a little town
Everybody trying to put us down


I don't expect you to understand
After you've caused so much pain
But then again, you're not to blame
You're just a human, a victim of the insane

We're afraid of everyone
Afraid of the sun

The sun will never disappear
But the world may not have many years

[Yeah, you see I concentrated less on the words and more on the vocal.]


John Lennon

Lead vocalist(s)

John Lennon

The Beatles Studio