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Phil And John 1

Here we go!

What? What?

We're doing one!

How's it going? How's it going?

Wait a minute, something's going, wait a minute!

Yeah yeah!

Let's go, let's go, hey hey hey!

I can't read this writing!

What is that tweeting bird out there? For God's sake!

Birds birds?

There's a bird! God damn it out there!]

Hey, hey, hey

[Some birds over here.

Birds? Birds?


Take 8.

Remember the solo, that's the bit were I don't talk. Oh oh, too bad. Thank you.

Stand up so we know you're there, alright.

Oh, and Barry, give me a clue, will you?

Well, I told you that Barry told you...

Shut up! You fucking!

Sorry that didn't work out.

Give me a clue. No, no, E, E, E, that's a clue!

You haven't done it all evening, why change?]

But after all

[Alright, one of the greatest sessions of all time. History in the making here. Jon Lennon is here with his brother Jack! And here we go! 1,2,3!


No! You yelled four, wait a minute!

Phil, Phil, Phil.

You can't yell four over his playing

Please accept my false, it's the only way I can come in and I...

Yes, two fault.


Come on, you don't have to count in, he will do the intro, "da da da da da da".

No wonder we're on, OK.

Ha ha ha yeah, OK, I'll keep quiet. I won't bring up names, OK.

OK OK, no names.

Alright, it doesn't matter if it's too loud.

You shout the boys with the horn and the birds in the background.


Fucking horns and birds and seagulls and shit! His peace whistle! What an idiot! You know, that sounds like it tape delay. Yeah, I hear it twice as long!

Phil Phil, it's our big chance today and ... and let's not fuck it! 1!"

Well, Herbie did.

1, 1,2,3!]



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John Lennon and Phil Spector

The Beatles Studio