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Phil And John 3
[Just a minute now. Can anybody remembr one thing I tell them? You're gona be stuck with your baby. OK, here we go!

What we're gonna do, play jazz with Jetho Tull?

No, Elton John probably at the Roxy.

Elton's a good friend of mine.

Well, good, he's got the same name as you. Only you spell it in the front, he spell it on the back. Here we go! And you both go the same place. Here we go!

No, no, no, I refuse. Elton's gonna die young.

Remember the bass drum also and that one after that, you know, the ending. OK, here we go!

I'm gonna be a 90 year old guru!

Alright, good!

Ha ha ha!

OK, I'll make history, you make gurus, here we go!

Phil, I'm gonna write your history so be careful.




Lead vocalist(s)

John Lennon and Phil Spector

The Beatles Studio