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The David Frost Show (dialogue)
[We're just gonna... Welcome back, welcome back with John and Yoko, Yoko and John. This song is written by, the John Sinclair song, who wrote that song?

Ah, "John Sinclair", I wrote this one. He spent two years in prison, virtually in isolation and solitary, in case he infiltrated the other prisoners or something. He didn't want any help for two years because he thought "Why bother? Justice will let me out, my appeals will let me out." After two years he began to worry and he asked for some help. We went down, had a rally with 15000 people. We weren't the only people there, Little Stevie Wonder, and Phil Ochs and Alan Ginsburg, a really big rally.

Big Stevie Wonder now!

Big Stevie Wonder, yeah, and it was a beautiful show.

Many people devoted their time to it and we came along, sang the songs we sang to you and this one, "John Sinclair", which was the final one. By a stroke of good luck he was released on Monday.]



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