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Grow Old With Me
Written by John Lennon
Unreleased Beatles version
Original version (John Lennon) - released on Milk And Honey album, Lennon boxed-set
Mixed version (John Lennon) - released on John Lennon Anthology boxed-set, Wonsaponatime album

Recording sessions

John's home, New York, USA - circa 1980
Mill Studios, Sussex, England - February 11 to early March, 1994; March 20 and 21, 1995


This is one of the demos given to Paul by Yoko. The remaining Beatles started working on this song around the time when working on "Free As A Bird" started.

Based ona poem by Robert Browning, the song was originally released on Milk And Honey album and later included on the 4CD boxed-set Lennon. The line "Grow old along with me/The best is yet to be" was derived from the poem, Rabbi Ben Ezra, by Robery Browning (original words are "Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be."). The song expressed John's dreams about what he would be when he gets old. They are simple dreams, a simple life with the loved one, forever ("Spending our lives together/Man and wife together/World without end/World without end").

However, the additional recording on this song was aborted as Paul explained, "John's original demo required too much work."

George Martin later wrote a score on this song, and mixed a new version to be included on John Lennon Anthology boxed-set and the digest album Wonsaponatime.
The Beatles Studio