Let It Be

  • US Premiere Date
    May 13, 1970
  • UK Premiere Date
    May 20, 1970
Let It Be

"I thought it would be good to have a new project for a new year, but it turned out to be the same pain," recalled George on Let It Be, a documentary film that shows how the Beatles rehearse, write songs and finally performing live for a new record. Sadly, the film also shows how a band split up. Tension arose as they were not getting used to be filmed everyday, every move and it is the tension that drove the band to finish off this film and session in hurry within a month.

The shooting of the film was started in the Twickenham Film Studio, where the band rehearsed their new materials such as "Don't Let Me Down", "Maxwell's Silver Hammer", "Across The Universe", "I've A Feeling", "I Me Mine" and many other oldies. The location switch was brought up as George walked out the rehearsals and did not return, claiming he's leaving the group.

After several meetings, it was agreed that the group would move to their own Apple Studios. More new materials were rehearsed and some were recorded. Finally, the band went to the roof of their Apple Office to perform a live gig around lunch-time. That was the last public performance of the Beatles. The day after saw the shooting finished with the in-door performance.

Let It Be was released a year later, after the Beatles split up. When the film was premiered in UK On May 20, 1970, none of the Beatles were presented. It displays the process how the band breaking up, it is a sad chapter in the Beatles' career.


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